1975 Lancia Beta Coupe Dash Pad Restoration

Custom 1969 Ford Fairlane Dash Pad Restoration with Speedhut Gauges

Just Dashes' customer wanted to forego the wiring of his speedometer so we installed these Speedhut gauges with a GPS speedometer and built a custom dash to house them.

Trans Am Firebird Dash Pad Restoration with Plastic Repair

It's one of the most popular classic muscl cars out there, and the Trans Am Firebird dash is notorious for degrading and look aweful over the years. Just Dashes has done so many of these and has repaired the plastic damge so many times, we cold probably do it with our eyes closed at this point. We can even rebuild the radio area back to the factory specifications, if your installing a stock radio back in the car. 

***An Important Reminder***
The steering column arch is very fragile (broken in the photo below) so make sure to keep the steering column brace or install a wood block when handling the dash outside of the car...And especially when shipping the dash to Just Dashes!



Custom: 1973 Chevelle Dash Pad Restoration

Looking for something a little different? Just Dashes can make it! Our customer provided this new Chevelle emblem and we incorporated it into this newly restored dash.

1965 Cadillac Eldorado Door Panel Restoration (Before and After!)

Even the technicians at Just Dashes thought these Cadillac door panels might be a lost cause, but with a little blood, sweat, and tears, they were able to make them look brand new again! 

BEFORE                                                                   AFTER